The Sun Gong




The Gong

is the first and last

instrument for the human

mind, there is only one thing that

can supersede and command

the human mind, the sound of

the Gong”

Yogi Bhajan

Master of Kundalini Yoga




"Mystery School of Self Mastery"

(Est. 2008)

Gong Avatar Self Mastery
  Awakening Soul & Body
   Embracing Path & Destiny


* 1.11 Gong Avatar Self Mastery Training * Kundalini Yoga *

* Tantra * Suniai * Reiki * Personal Sessions *

* Gong Sound Healing Therapy *

* 1 Soul - . One/All - 11 Self *



"You didn't come here to make a choice

to be One with the vibration of The All.
You have already made that choice.


You are here to try to understand why you made it."

Sotantar Suraj